Creative Non-fiction

The Offing  | "Dancing Queen" | "Sorrow made beauty more alluring. Melancholy made my own queerness beautiful."

Catapult | "Out of Time" | A column on queer melancholy

"The Queer Gaze: How the Photography of William Gedney Taught Me to Look" | Gedney immortalizes the carefree embraces between bodies of men who lean into one another in gentle, carefree repose.

"Looking Backward: How Urdu Poetry Makes Queerness Historical" | For three centuries, the ghazal has been the most prestigious and popular genre of Urdu poetry.

"Strains of Melancholy: Thumri and the Indian Music of Waiting" | Thumri explores the dual sides of love: union as well as the pangs of separation.

"My Eyes Yearn for You: A Short History of Longing in NYC" | "They are happy who do not quit their homes."

Papercuts | "Buri Nazar Aur Pait Bhara | Evil Eye, Full Stomach" | A delicate exploration of want and satiety in the experience of one South Asian family in Boston.

"The Picture Beyond the Frame" | Moving Truth(s): Queer and Transgender Desi Writings on Family (New York: Flying Chickadee, 2015)



Lapham's Quarterly | A Search for Piety in Pity | Tracing the evolution of an emotion through ancient literature.

The Millions | Books Out of Place | Do books ever wonder whether they’re going to better homes from the ones they came from?

LitHub | Why We Need Revolutionary Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz more than ever | On the tangible power of political poetry

The Gay & Lesbian Review | "Wide Use of PrEP Raises Hopes—and Questions" | On the domestication of HIV



Los Angeles Review of Books | "Identity and Recognition: A Conversation with Daniel Mendelsohn" | "I’m interested in knowledge: what is knowledge, how you get it, how much is knowable. It’s all a kind of archaeology."

The Aerogram | Telling New Stories Through Indie Media | Talking with three brown women, Sarbani Hazra, Aneesh Sheth, Janani Sreenivasan, on their latest pathbreaking film projects



The Gay & Lesbian Review | "How Genet Destabilizes Queer Theory" | Book Review: "Disturbing Attachments: Genet, Modern Pederasty, and Queer History," by Kadji Amin

The Shanghai Literary Review | Book Review: "Coming to America: Queerness and the Indian-American Experience in Rakesh Satyal's No One Can Pronounce My Name" | Satyal "challenges readers to consider queerness as a sentiment beyond same-sex desire."

The LSE Review of Books | Book Review: "Fashioning Diaspora" | Instead of asking what beauty is, author Vanita Reddy asks what beauty does

Lambda Literary | 

No Other World, Book Review | Rahul Mehta's debut novel "finds strength in the devastatingly brilliant notion that fate isn’t premodern, or of another time."

Red Lipstick: The Men in My Life, Book Review | Pooja Pande collaborates with trans activist Laxmi Tripathi to open up the possibilities between journalist and informant.


Kajal |

"To Give us New Colors to See" | How La La Land reclaims the much-derided beauty of Bollywood

Ashish's "Bollywood Bloodbath" Rocked the Runway at LFW | He invoked the gods, cross gender barriers, and made political points at every turn.

Priyanka the Exotic | Not too ethnic, or too exotic, or too othered — just beige.

The Mujra and the Modern South Asian Imaginary | Succumbing to the spell the mujra casts on the South Asian cinematic imaginary

Living Room Bazaars, Arranged Marriage, and Rohin Guha | “I felt like they had put a price tag on my arm.”

Mastani Mastani | As debates about cultural appropriation proliferate, how can we expect one's own artistic borders to remain sacrosanct and impermeable?

The View from Afar | Beauty isn’t simply a form to behold, but a force — a vehicle that teleports us.

Hum Hain Ek Happy Band of Outsiders | Can a warm, feel-good togetherness be manufactured, exported, and brewed?

An Interview with Aroon Shivdasani | On the eve of IAAC's Second Annual Literary Festival.

Midnight's Furies, Book Review | How Hazjari's account of Partition fails to account for the hand of the British in today's legacy.

Why Not Me?, Book Review | "Kaling makes herself hyper-visible by making hard work hyper-visible."


The Writing Cooperative | Contributor

With My Back toward the Future | Without WiFi aboard the bus, I’m free to wander the highways of my mind.

One Agendum after Another | A summary of the tasks that impinge on my writing time


Medium |

Whither the Right Parenthesis | My keyboard broke. I lost a key. I began to let my thoughts roam free.

Ragic Repose | I fell asleep during a Hindustani classical music concert and discovered a productive sort of boredom.

The Gifts We Give Ourselves | Why Christmas morning came a day late for me

#BalmainArmy Turns Back Its Gaze | What is fashion designer Olivier Rousteing up to?